Why The FairTax?

Creates jobs where the current system destroys jobs. By stripping out hidden federal income taxes and compliance costs, the Fair Tax makes U.S. goods more competitive overseas and more affordable at home, thereby sharply increasing job creation while sharply reducing our balance of payment deficit.

Gives you your whole paycheck. No Federal withholding! What you earn, you get.

Eliminates Social Security withholding, the most regressive tax of all, while ensuring the system fulfills its promise to one generation without being a terrible burden on the next.

Eliminates the corporation taxes and cost of compliance hidden in both wholesale and retail prices.

Dramatically lowers effective tax rates for lower and middle-income; a rebate ends taxes up to the poverty level.

Allows families to save more and faster for home ownership, education, and retirement.

Allows homeowners to pay their entire house payment with pretax dollars, a great improvement over the current interest deduction.

Frees up time wasted on filling out cumbersome and inscrutable IRS forms throughout the economy to the tune of almost 1 trillion dollars.

Raises the same amount of revenue for the federal government (revenue neutral)

Taxes the trillion-dollar underground, illegal immigration, criminal, drug, and porn economy.

Makes taxation of income unconstitutional again, by supporting the repeal of the 16th Amendment.

Eliminates the IRS.