About Us

Iowans for Fair Taxation is an independent, grassroots, volunteer, non profit, non partisan, issue advocacy organization dedicated to educating and informing the citizens of Iowa about the benefits and reasons for enactment of a simple, transparent, fair tax code to replace the current income tax system with a national retail consumption tax, commonly known as “The Fair Tax”, and/or supporting legislation inspired by the FairTax initiative that is fair, efficient, intelligent, and a moral alternative to current tax system(s).

We support advancing this concept at the national and state level and seek to replace Iowa’s income tax with a consumption tax, along the lines of South Dakota and Texas.

We support significant reductions in property taxes, especially the egregious burden placed on businesses. Ultimately we would like to see the current property tax system abolished entirely.

Iowans for Fair Taxation is comprised of thousands of Iowan’s and interested individuals throughout the United States that support these and other tax reforms.

Find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/IowaFairTax

Email us at admin@iowafairtax.com

or call 202-213-11 five nine