Advanced Q&A

The FairTax is the most studied, most peer reviewed, most researched and most documented tax proposal in history. Every possible question, argument, critique, conflict or solution is available for the serious researcher. Below are a brief collection of links from which you may draw additional knowledge and understanding.

Historical View of Taxation
Alexander Hamilton, our nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury shares his thoughts on taxation (excerpt from the Federalist Papers, Federalist No. 21).

Plain English Summary of the FairTax Act
This document is a summary of the Fair Tax Act of 2007 (HR 25/S 1025), written in plain language.

Testimony submitted by to the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform
Our Chairman, Leo Linbeck, explains to the Tax Panel how the FairTax meets the President’s principles of tax reform: simplicity, fairness and pro-growth.

Taxing Sales Under the FairTax: What Rate Works?
The results are in. Beacon Hill Institute and Dr. Larry Kotlikoff team up to provide a detailed estimate of the FairTax Base and derivation of the proper rate calculation formula. Bottom line is that the 23% rate works it replaces the revenue generated by the repealed taxes, maintains the real value of federal spending, and imposes no additional fiscal burden on state and local governments.

A Macroeconomic Analysis of the FairTax Proposal
This study employs a dynamic supply-side economic model to estimate the impact of the FairTax on major economic indicators: GDP, disposable income, consumption, investment under the FairTax are all exceed what they would be if the current system were to remain in place.