Steve King’s Victory is a Victory for FairTax!

Steve King, fervent supporter of the Fair Tax, beat out Christy Vilsack for the Fourth Congressional District of Iowa. Congressman King encouraged the Iowans for Fair Taxation’s distribution of the Voter Guide and supporters all over the state assisted in getting the word out. The distribution of our Voter Guide was an attempt to make sure that everyone knew where Steve King stood on the important issues. Education pays off!

Read about Congressman King’s victory here

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Heading into the final stretch…

A vote is the sum total of each individual’s rights to be heard.

As we wrap up our statewide tour all across Iowa to distribute the Voter Guides into every town big or small, we were asked to sit down with several members of the media to discuss our plan, the success of our plan, and the amazing stories that came from getting out and meeting people statewide.

It wasn’t enough for us to just place our guides into distribution locations or to put them in the hands of those already politically active in each area for them to control the distribution. We personally handed off the guides to individuals all over the state of Iowa, stopping to discuss with them their questions, their concerns, and to encourage them to get out to the polls on November 6 to make their voices heard!

Read another article about the efforts to get the Iowa Fair Tax Voter Guide into the hands of every Iowan at The Iowa Republican.

You have the information in your hands, now DO SOMETHING about it. Get out on November 6th and VOTE!

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Are you following our trek across Iowa?

It’s not an easy task to reach folks in 1,001 cities in Iowa, but we’re committed to making it happen. Reaching people where they live is the key to getting out the message. Our drivers set out throughout central and northeast Iowa to put candidates’ information in the hands of the voters.

If you’re one of the lucky few who’ve already got the Voter Guide in hand, please tag yourself in the picture on our Facebook page that represents your town. Feel free to share the pictures on your page as often as you like. You can support the Iowans for Fair Taxation Voter Guides by helping to get the word out to like-minded individuals who are tired of just complaining about the way things are, and are ready to take action. Check out our page to see the many towns we’ve hit in our first attempt to reach all of Iowa.

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Voter Guides are causing a buzz!

Voter Guides caused people to talk no matter where they landed!

People all over Iowa are talking about the information contained in the Iowans for Fair Taxation Voter Guides. We have been dropping our guides in small towns all over Iowa and the people are responding! It’s all about getting the guides in the hands of people right where they are. And we’ve met so many amazing people who have so many interesting things to share about their hometowns. Not only are people talking about it, but we’ve made the news!

Read about our adventure in the Newton Daily News HERE.

And keep up with the buzz by watching our Facebook page.

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Voter Guides are officially out! Week 1 put guides in over 250 cities.
Week 1 Voter Guides

Week 1 kicks off the delivery of Voter Guides!

Week 1 of the Iowa Fair Tax Blitz is in the books. Over 360 locations in more than 275 cities throughout 2000 miles have the Voter Guides available. If you’re in one of the towns listed, get yours NOW at gas stations, grocery stores, and even a LIBRARY! Voter guides are just good reading!

Show your support by letting your local retailer know that you appreciate this service and help to defray the costs of delivery by contributing here: I WANT TO JOIN YOU!. Even $25 helps to assure that every town, no matter how small, is included in getting the guides out! Sending the most educated voters to the polls in decades is our goal and we’re targeting 1,001 cities in Iowa to do it.

Check out our Facebook page: Iowans for Fair Taxation

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Half A MILLION Voter Guides!

Iowans for Fair Taxation is pleased to announce that we are well under way to produce and distribute over HALF A MILLION voter guides in Iowa this coming October. And these are not your typical two candidate 5×9 palm card voter guides. We are producing a full tabloid newspaper sized 8 page voter guide, complete with a full rundown on all State House and State Senate candidates as well as all Federal Candidates; several articles on issues of Fair Taxation and citizen activism will be published as well.

We just sent out our 10 question survey and already received replies back. We will be asking about issues which effect the quality of life in Iowa and are generally specific to issues of taxation. Our motto is: Tax Policy IS Moral Policy.

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UK Considers Change to Fair Tax System

Creating a Fair Tax System

Successive governments have brought us to the point of bankruptcy through high taxes and their inept polices. It’s time we took the reins to ensure that there is a fair tax for all. It’s up to us to vote in a government that actually listens to the people for a change.

“Only Sales Tax” that’s the only tax you will ever pay. Just think of it, no income tax, no VAT, no inheritance tax, no capital gains tax, no corporation tax, no national insurance deductions, no fuel duty, etc. etc. none. How does that sound?

Have you ever worked out how much you pay in taxes? In the UK (the average working man) pays over 50% of earnings in direct and indirect taxes to the treasury.

Article Link – Click Here

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The latest FairTax Ad

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IRS to Enforce Obama Care

9:00am in 2154 Rayburn House Office Building

Chairman Darrell Issa’s Hearing Preview Statement

President Obama’s health care law was hastily written and rushed through the House and Senate by Democratic majorities before many even had a chance to read its contents. That law is now being implemented—and has raised serious concerns about big government intrusion into American’s private lives.

Today the Committee will examine how the IRS is implementing Obamacare and the consequences for Americans. We will address concerns about the big brother process it will create, the legality of rules it will enforce and question about the sacrosanct privacy of personal information once held only by the IRS but now share with state exchanges. We will also review the biggest spending item under Obamacare—its complicated subsidy scheme and assess the challenges IRS faces with implementation.

Under Obamacare, taxpayers will have to provide within 30 days, notification to a government agency about key information in their lives: did they get a raise or take another job; did a family member move into the household; were they married or divorced; what is the nature of their employer-paid health care coverage. The IRS is ill equipped to deliver customer satisfaction in addressing disputes or questions with the public, according to key metrics and government surveys. The IRS is also ill equipped to handle the massive staffing and technology ramp-ups required to handle this data.

Today’s hearing will examine these key questions and begin the process of holding the Obama Administration and executive branch officials accountable for the consequences of a massive new government program wrought with flaws and unintended consequences.

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Texas has done it again.

By Scott Cohn,

The Lone Star State makes a triumphant return as America’s top state for business — its third time at the top of our rankings.

“Listen, there is a reason that Caterpillar moved their hydraulics manufacturing and their engine manufacturing to the state of Texas,” said Gov. Rick Perry in November during the CNBC Republican presidential debate.

We can attest to that.

In our sixth annual study, Texas racked up an impressive 1,604 points out of a possible 2,500, with top-10 finishe s in six of our 10 categories of competitiveness. Texas has never finished below second place since we began the study in 2007.

Each year, we score all 50 states on the criteria they use to sell themselves. This year’s analysis is the most comprehensive yet, using 51 metrics developed with the help of the National Association of Manufacturers and the Council on Competitiveness, as well as input from the states themselves.

This year’s categories and possible point totals are:

Cost of doing business (350)
Work force (350)
Quality of life (350)
Infrastructure and transportation (325)
Economy (325)
Education (225)
Technology and innovation (225)
Business friendliness (200)
Access to capital (100)
Cost of living (50)

Read More Here

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